Is Game Development Lucrative?

Making games for mobile platforms have become easier to make but is it lucrative? Did you know that there are 104 games released per day with Apple’s App Store only? Developing games is not cheap, the costs can run into $3,000 and up to $1 million.

Google dominates the industry with 900 million users while Apple devices have 600 million users. This alone gives you a good idea of the opportunities for mobile game development. However, the producers of Angry Birds failed 51 times before they became a success story. A lot of money was lost before it was made.

Only 4% of the games produced will be profitable and only 20% of the games that reach the store shelves will make a profit. There is no standard method for game development, as it depends on what platform you are using, a single-platform app or a cross-platform app. The three most popular platforms are iOS, Andriod and BlackBerry, and developing a game for all three could triple your costs. Gambling online games are a different story. White label poker returns huge profits on investment as it requires players to pay to play over extended periods of time.

The costs are high but so is the reward, if you develop the right game at the right time. According to the statistics, it is not profitable, but if you ask Rovio (The developers of Angry Birds), they might disagree. All your effort and expenditure is worth it if you have a good Return Of Investment. Game development can be lucrative with the right developers or it could be the 99.9% that fail.

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