Is ERP system a good example of Data Warehouse with Gaming?

Data Warehouse and ERP systems are two distinct and separate type of systems. Therefore, an ERP system is not a good example of a data warehouse. According to the experts, the presence of a reporting function in an ERP system does not warrant its reference as a data warehouse.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has to do with the ability of a system to deliver an integrated suite featuring business applications. ERP tools share a common data model, processes, and cover a broad array of operational end to end functionalities, such as those associated with distribution, human resource, supply chain, and others.

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By comparison, a data warehouse is only concerned with data. The sole use of a data warehouse is to collect data from different sources, clean it, and store it on a singular platform to aid enterprise functions of data analysis, reporting, and integration of data into other systems.

Therefore, a data warehouse, unlike an ERP system, it not transactional. The key difference between these two systems relates to conformity towards a common process, such that ERP systems function on common process, and are aimed are reducing cost and efforts associated with these common processes. In comparison, it is best practice for a data warehouse to perform functions in a common and similar fashion.

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